Blank Canvas Studio


Blank Canvas Studio is the online showcase for the work of Swiss-Canadian artist Jessica Wyss.

Jessica works primarily in acrylic or mixed media to create large-scale abstract paintings. She is motivated by unconventional colour combinations, manipulating the material in such a way as to allow unexpected textures and surfaces to appear.

Her work is an exercise in self-exploration, the release of constraint and judgement. She allows the colours, textures and surfaces to inspire her, and her instinct  to guide the process, focusing on the experience of creating rather than the result.

Windmills, mixed media on canvas, 48

Windmills, mixed media on canvas, 48" x 48" 

"Facing a blank canvas is one of the most intimidating experiences you can have. It confronts you with its emptiness, challenging you to permanently alter it, transform it, to make of it anything but that which it is now. It is an object both vacuous and infinitely full - it's very nothingness contains everything it could ever be. To me, a blank canvas is limitless potential, terrifying and inspiring at the same time.

 Jessica Wyss


63 Rolling Hills Dr, Waverley, NS | 902-482-8657